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Beneath A Dimmer Crown Details Announced

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

The new album (coming soon!) is over 1 HOUR in length and contains 17 songs. 'Beneath A Dimmer Crown' delivers a varied landscape of songs ranging from the teeth-clenching hardcore crunch of "Nine Yard Hole" to the spacey prog of "Morpheus" to the delicate-yet-anthemic 'On This Page.'

Soulskin - "Beneath A Dimmer Crown"

Track Listing:

1 Pretty Sound

2 Circle Of Stone

3 Morpheus

4 Nine Yard Hole

5 On This Page

6 Killy's Strange Trip

7 Lost In Space

8 Reanimosity

9 A Social Misfit Flesh Skinned Robot

10 Explicit

11 Be Beheaded

12 The Wrong Song

13 Enabler

14 This Siren Song

15 Headline Noose

16 Leave Me Be

17 King Baby

Produced by Soulskin, Chris Grainger & James Thompson

Engineered and Mixed by Chris Grainger

Recorded at Sound Emporium, Nashville TN & Undertow, Nashville TN

Mixed by Chris Grainger at Undertow, Nashville TN

Mastered by Ted Jensen for Sterling Sound

Music and Lyrics by Jason Hamilton, Chris Stone, Matthew Marth and Bobby Burdick / Composed and arranged by Soulskin

Chris Tuttle for additional keyboards and programming on “Morpheus,” “The Wrong Song,” “This Siren Song” and “King Baby”

Buddy Speir for additional string arrangements on “On This Page” and “Explicit”

Moe Loughran for additional vocals on “Killy’s Strange Trip”

Photography: James Erdman

Soulskin Logo: Michael Nott


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